At Lighting of London, we work with a range of different people in the industry from lighting designers to smart home companies, working alongside yourself to deliver any project in mind. When you become one of our partners, not only will you have access to our range of high quality products, but you will also receive our utmost support and attention.


Partner with us

We work with a variety of companies offering unrivalled services.


For developers who need to stand out from the ordinary, we offer you a select range of fittings to ensure all features are enhanced and enriched within your properties. Become extraordinary.

Electrical Contractors

To become one of the elite, you must provide unrivalled products. We offer you the products that not only set you apart from all competition, but technically outperform all. 


Planning a self build or a total renovation?  We can assist by referring you to one of our partners who can assist you in all areas. 

Interior Designers

Our range of fittings can be utilised to create your perfect design, and with our one to one support you will have the confidence to move forward. 

Lighting Designers

One of our core principles behind our product range revolves around lighting design and lighting designers. We have expertly created a range of products to deploy for you.

Smart Home Companies

If you are looking into a brand new revenue stream, or simply expanding on your current services, we provide you everything you need in order for you to succeed.

By working together

For over 20 years the founder of Lighting of London, Steve, has been working in the lighting industry. During this time he experienced the best and worst of lighting products, and could clearly see where not only the products could improve, but the service received could as well.
Therefore Lighting of London was created.
Our company is built on strong core values to combat the shortfalls in the industry Steve experienced in his career. With our values behind every decision made, we are pleased to say we are unrivalled.


Everything we do is with our partners in mind. We are proud to partner with so many unparalleled companies who would recommend us due to their experience with us. We work hard to ensure that our support only elevates their work.


Whilst we pride ourselves on the quality of our products we also pride ourselves on remaining accessible in terms of pricing. We understand the importance of project budgets, and we provide high-quality lighting at a very competitive price.


We like to go that extra mile for our partners. We offer so many services to provide you with that extra reassurance you need to create extraordinary work. From technical drawings to driver configuration we're here to help.


With 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, we have experience knowing what to look for in a quality product. Each one of our products has been carefully designed with our partners in mind, and only use high-end electrical components.

Become a partner.

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