Magtrak DriverTRIAC.150W

Specifically designed for the Magtrak system, the Magtrak Driver TRIAC can be connected to the track profile directly and provides a smooth, gradual dimming curve.

Electrical terminals are heavy-duty in construction for assured connections. All terminal covers are screw-less for speed and performance resulting in a 30% increase in installation time compared to a third party’s.

Unrivalled build quality and technical performance.


Product Datasheet

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MagtrakDriverTRIAC.150W Product Specification

Output Voltage 24 V DC Efficiency up to 92%
Output Current 6.25mA In-rush Current Cold Start 1.54A
Output Power 0 – 150w Anti-Surge L-N: 1.5kV
Strobe Level 8% Leakage Current <0.5mA/240Vac
Dimming Range 2-100% Working Temperature -40c – 60c
Dimming Interface Triac Leading Edge/ Trailing Edge IP IP20
Input Voltage Range 220-240V AC Over-Current Protection Shut Down >102% (auto recovers)
Frequency 47 – 63Hz Short-Circuit Protection Shut Down Short Circuit (auto recovers)
Input Current <0.95A Over-Heat Protection Shut Down >110c (auto recovers)

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