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Simply connect one power source and the rest is plug ‘n’ play.

The Magtrak system gives a ultra-modern look to your space with it’s clean lines, minimalistic appearance and versatile application possibilities. The system is frequently used in luxury homes, hi-end office environments and hi-end retail premises. The possibilities are endless; by adding different lighting points you can light up the room both functionally and atmospherically.

Track lighting systems are often used for lighting shop premises, theatres and galleries because you often have to deal with a large space and only one electrical connection.

The Magtrak system offers three mounting profiles: the recessed track lighting system; the surface-mounted track lighting system and the pendant track lighting system.

Various lighting modules are available that can be combined with Magtrak, such as spotlights or linear lights. These modules are suitable for creating different atmospheres within the same track lighting system.

Surface profile is used for both pendant mounting & surface mounting.
Magtrak can run upto 50m from a single power source.
Due to it’s seamless connection method, Magtrak cannot be “cut” or reduced in length from its standard 1m & 2m lengths.

Do you require a Coupler or Power Plate ?

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Mounting Profile

Recessed, Surface


1 Meter Length, 2 Meter Length


TRIAC Dimmable, DALI Dimmable