Not only are we committed to providing the best products, but we also strive to provide the best support. Partner support is one of our core values at Lighting of London. We want our partners to excel in their work, and with the services we offer, they can. 

Technical Consultations

With over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, we can help with any question you had in mind. From cable sizes to volt drop queries, we have the answers. Get in contact with us today, either with the below email, or our social channels. We will be more than happy to discuss anything regarding your installation.

Driver Specification

Our extensive range of  LED drivers may leave you feeling unsure of which one would be the most optimal for your project. One of the services we offer is to provide you with a circuit-by-circuit breakdown of exactly what LED driver to use and where best to use it. Not only can this service reassure you, but also save you much-needed time, which can be spent on your project.

Plug and Play Strip

We understand how time-efficient projects need to be, which is why we offer a service which is designed to save time, without impacting quality. Soldering on-site can be tricky or inconvenient so let us take care of it. Just simply supply us with the lengths you require and we will cut them to your requirements, as well as solder tails on to any model of linear strip.

Technical Drawings

A technical drawing can be a useful tool in ensuring a project runs smoothly. One of our services is to offer a bespoke technical drawing. If you need a full technical drawing created in order to issue instructions on-site, or just small details added to your existing design, we can take care of that for you. From cable dimensions, to what driver would be the most suitable, we can provide that information.

Project Conversion

Even though you may have received a quote from a standard supplier, you can still speak to us regarding your project. We are happy to take any specification you have received from a third-party company and convert using our products. Once we have finalised all details we will be in touch, and with our extensive list of products and our competitive prices, we never disappoint.

Design Consultants

Lighting is a useful tool in order to create a preferred ambience and we can advise if you are unsure how best to illuminate certain features. With our experience, we know what works and what looks the most pleasing. We can advise on the most suitable light fitting, the placement, the colour of the light and the strength, in order to create your desired effect.

For any questions or enquires.

Please drop us an email and one of the team will be happy to help.