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Choose your Profile .

The Magtrak system offers 3 different types of profile, for whatever design needs.




Profile lengths are available in 1m or 2m, suitable for any size interior space. Please note a suspended Magtrak system requires a relevant pendant kit.







Choose your Formation .

The Magtrak system allows you to create any design possible, whilst offering a seamless connection for enhanced overall aesthetics.


There are 8 different types of connectors to choose from, depending on the installation method.


In order to provide power between the different Magtrak profiles, power plates and track connectors are required, which are installed directly in the track itself.


For pendant installation we offer three type of support kits, Pendant Kit.A provides power to the Magtrak system whist Pendant Kit.B & C is for support only.


Surface clips are essential when mounting the Magtrak system directly onto the ceiling.


To complete the look of the Magtrak system, end caps should be fixed to the end, to close off the system.

Choose your Control Method .

Our Magtrak system offers two main control methods, TRIAC or DALI dimming.


TRIAC dimming is an energy-efficient and adaptable lighting solution that provides seamless dimming performance, customisable lighting levels, and compatibility with existing wiring systems. It offers substantial energy savings, enhances user comfort and ambience, and simplifies installation and retrofitting processes.


DALI dimming is a precise solution for advanced lighting control, ensuring seamless adjustments in light levels without flickering. With individual control of each fixture, customers get unparalleled flexibility and customization options. DALI dimming also supports advanced lighting management features such as scheduling, scene setting, and occupancy sensing, promoting energy efficiency and reducing operating costs.

Choose your Driver Location .

There are two options when it comes to the Magtrak driver, and where it can be placed, depending on preference.

We offer a driver box so the driver can be placed directly on the track. With both a recessed driver box, and a surface driver box, the box is suitable for any installation type. The driver box matches the profile to ensure a seamless integration. A Magtrak cover is included to further integrate the driver box to the profile. 

Please note, the driver box can only be placed at the start/end of the track system.

Alternatively the driver can be placed in a remote location, for example in a central circuit box or cabinet. Please note that the driver should always be accessible in case it needs to be replaced. We recommend no more than 10m away from the system.

Choose your Modules .

With Magtrak, any vision for your lighting design can come to life. Each Magtrak magnetic LED light module is equipped with a high-quality integrated LED light source to provide unique and consistent light distribution.


The light modules are magnetically attached to the tracks, allowing easy installation without the need for any tools. The low voltage of the system enables the light modules to be positioned and moved even when the power is on. When the light modules connect magnetically to the rail, they are instantly powered and start working. Installing the light modules is as easy as a simple 'click'.


We offer 15 different modules in our range, covering all specific light applications. From spotlights to linear lighting, and even a pendant, there is a module for any lighting requirement.

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