About Us.

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to create and deliver exceptional products and services. Each member of our team upholds the core values that Lighting of London was built on in order to ensure the best possible experience for each of our partners. No matter the question, we are available to contact.



Steve has spent over 20 years working in electrical engineering and design and saw many improvements that could be made in the lighting industry. To combat these shortfalls, Steve created Lighting of London.



With a background in finance, Peter ensures that whilst we use only use high-end electrical components, our products remain competitive in price, in order to provide luxury lighting at a fraction of the cost


Partner Support

Jane is our head of public relations, and works directly with our partners to provide showcase support, social media response, and partner referrals.


Partner Support

Jessica brings years of experience within the support service industry, with expertise in customer relations and a focus on delivering the best experience.



Brenna is our marketing and development specialist who responds directly to current trends within the lighting industry and adapts accordingly.

An award-winning company, which uses a combination of advanced lighting design, cutting-edge technology and the latest global products. Alongside our many years of experience and expertise, we are positioned as leaders in this field.

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Worlds End Studios, Lots Road, London, SW10, 0RJ

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Phone: +(44)0207 139 5129
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