The Importance of Lighting Design

Lighting is one of the most powerful interior design tools we can implement. It changes the mood and atmosphere of interiors and affects human emotion and well-being. In fact, lighting is undoubtedly one of the most crucial elements in successful interior and exterior design. Even the simplest of rooms can look incredible with the right lighting. Many designers refer to lighting as the fourth dimension of architecture.  

Why consult a lighting designer?

Lighting is so powerful it can completely change the entire mood and atmosphere of a space with the simple ‘click’ of a button. Spaces that are meticulously planned by an architect and beautifully finished by a skilled interior designer will require the technical design and staging abilities offered by a lighting designer. 

The role of the lighting designer differs from the work of an architect, an interior designer, or from that of a design service offered through a lighting supplier. In our experience, architects and interior designers can offer only limited knowledge of lighting. On the other hand, the design services offered by lighting suppliers will mean a commitment to using only the products that they supply.  

The benefits of Lighting design

A professional lighting designer will bring a depth of knowledge to the project, along with a strong technical background and a wealth of experience. Moreover, they have the freedom to advise on an extensive range of products, solutions, and brands, enhancing their ability to complement, accentuate, and enhance your project.  

They will also be able to create the environment and ambience desired and add tiny tweaks that provide a huge impact and make any space feel ‘just right’. They will also be able to install a system that is completely up-to-date and energy-efficient.

To ensure the design meets all its potential, it must be included at the very beginning of a project, before the first electrical fix.

Lighting of London is more than a manufacturer – we provide a full design and technical service if required. With over 25 years in the lighting industry, not only do we know what makes an exceptional light fitting, but we understand how best to implement it also.