Magtrak: Revolutionising Architectural Lighting

Architectural lighting has always been about enhancing the unique qualities and features of spaces. The focus has always been on creating a subtle, seamless look that blends into the space, instead of standing out and being the centerpiece of a room. But what if there was a way to achieve both of these goals – functionality and aesthetics – in one product? 

Enter Magtrak, Lighting of London’s magnetic track system.

What is Magtrak?

Magtrak is a magnetic track lighting system that employs a magnetic connection to attach lighting components to the track. This feature makes it more convenient and flexible to install and dismantle lighting components, allowing for unique displays of light and the ability to feature specific areas of the project space. Magtrak was created to provide a sleek, modern feel to high-end residential and bespoke office environments. Its clean, minimalistic, and versatile application elevates any room with hidden power sources and seamless corners. 


One of Magtrak’s many benefits is its low voltage system that allows you to position and move light modules even while the power is on. It also has a lower risk, as there is no risk of electric shock due to the low voltage. Installing the parts is relatively easy and requires no tools. The product does not require power bridges or external power bridges, making it easy to integrate into any vision or design. This is achieved through the three different installation options, the eight different connector options, and 15 LED modules. 

What sets Magtrak apart is that it redefines the traditional approach to architectural lighting. Instead of blending seamlessly into the space, it stands out and enhances the features of any space. Its sleek, modern design blends architectural functionality with a modern aesthetic, offering a whole new concept. 

In conclusion, Magtrak is revolutionising architectural lighting with its innovative magnetic track system. It offers endless lighting solutions for any interior design, providing a modern and functional design that stands out and enhances the features of any space. Magtrak is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a product that offers both functionality and aesthetics.