How Long Will LED Lights Last Outdoors?

LED lights, compared to a conventional filament, halogen or CFL lamps, have the longest lifespan, with an average of 22 years

To easily understand how long will LED lights last, let’s define it in hours the appliance is in use: LED lamps will last on average 25,000 hours, even though it’s wise to change them every few years as the light output will slowly fade over time – which is the case with all types of lamp.

What can damage my LED installations?

Heat, humidity, switching cycles and power supply will negatively affect how long LED lights will last. Of course, a light exposed to constant humidity suffers damage faster than one kept in ideal condition.

Nonetheless, LED is still the better choice for outdoor areas; LED lamps last 22 times as much as filament lamps and 3 times longer than CFL light bulbs. This is with a given average operating time of 3 hours a day.

Therefore, LED is the best choice for outdoor lighting, since it enables you to spend less time on lamp changes. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than a lightbulb that keeps breaking in hard-to-get areas.

What else will negatively affect my LED installation’s lifetime?

Faulty or cheap materials used during the manufacturing process of LED will make the light source more sensitive to heat and electricity, but this can be avoided by checking the bulb’s datasheet to make sure the source is only made of high-quality components.

Electrical Over Stress (EOS) also affects LED’s lifespan. EOS is caused when an appliance receives more power than it can handle. Faults in manufacturing or design are the most common cause of EOS, but human error, faulty power supplies and even poor shipping practices can all lead to Electrical Over Stress.
To avoid EOS, make sure that your LED has been manufactured with a static suppressor. When installing appliances, it is advisable to use a Constant Current Driver.

Heat also contributes to a shortened lifespan. Although LED is cooler than filament and CFL, excessive heat will damage it nonetheless.
If you expect your bulbs to sustain heat or prolonged working hours, we advise you to shop for bulbs capable of withstanding or even reducing heat stress.
Furthermore, a heatsink and a ventilation system can support LED in its struggle against high temperatures.


You should expect LED lamps to last for approximately 22 years, but this number gets lower as your appliances are subjected to weather conditions. For expert advice and high-quality support, look no further than our wide catalogue of light appliances.

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