Exterior Lighting

Often overlooked, exterior lighting should be given the same consideration as interior lighting. Whether installed outside a family home, a luxury hotel, or a contemporary office building, the exterior space will be the first impression the building will impact on people. Exterior lights create that warm and inviting welcome before guests even step over the threshold no matter the environment. When strategically placed, the fittings can illuminate and add drama to interesting landscape and architectural features, whilst also increasing curb appeal.

Exterior lighting should also be considered, not just for the aesthetic features it provides, but for the safety and security it provides too. Illuminating the exterior of a property means there are fewer shadows and dark corners for intruders to hide. By choosing to place exterior light you are offering your client that extra piece of mind.

Lighting of London offers a range of completely weatherproof uplights and spotlights, each with a different finish. Each one is compatible with a selection of beam angles, which ensures the chosen light fitting is going to emit the perfect lighting effect for any project.


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