Linear Lighting

LED Linear lighting is simply the use of many ‘Light Emitting Diodes’ packaged together in a long, narrow housing to create a strip of light.

Linear lighting is a popular lighting option due to its ability to be completely customisable. The flexibility of the light allows it to be manipulated, thus becoming completely moulded to the environment, highlighting archaeological features. An LED strip can be cut to length at a moment’s notice so whilst a certain length may be ordered, different lengths may be required on the day, and can be produced quickly and easily.

Lighting of Londons LED strip is industry-leading, the output and colour rending remain unaffected by time, and the highlighting effect does not decay. Our linear range is made up of an aluminium profile and led strip light.  Our strips come in 2700K or 4000K, 5m or 10m in length and an IP20 or IP66 rating. The IP66 version incorporates nanotechnology which covers the strip in a more durable, heat-resistant and anti-carbonation covering. No matter the vision you have in mind, our linear range can be customised to your specifications.


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