A downlight is a recessed light strategically placed or designed to throw illumination downwards concentrating the light source in a downward direction. Due to their typically recessed nature, one only sees a small section of the fitting. This allows for a truly harmonious lighting design.

Downlights are ideal for any interior space due to their versatility and functionality. They have a multitude of uses when being used for consideration for a project, due to their ability to transform any interior space. A downlight can be used to highlight key features, create a certain atmosphere, and direct attention to spaces.

Lighting of London offers three different types of downlights for our partners; Aim.70, Pro.60, Pro.40. All three are available in matt white or matt black, suitable for any design choice. Each one is compatible with a selection of beam angles, which ensures the chosen light fitting is going to emit the perfect lighting effect for any project.


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