Low-level lights

Low-level lights aren’t known for being the showstopper of the room but make up an integral part of creating layers for lighting design. As the name suggests, low-level lighting is usually low intensity placed at a lower level and is not powerful enough to light up an entire room.

These lights are instead well-known for creating a tranquil, relaxing and peaceful environment. They offer soft, directional lighting intending to enhance and quietly illuminate, and are a step away from more conventional lighting trends. Due to the low-level positioning of these lights, they provide the perfect illumination for often unconsidered areas such as walkways, staircases, platforms or linear contours.

Lighting of London offers three different types of low-level lights for our partners; Blade, Pin, Hide. All three are available in a range of different finishes, suitable for any design choice. Each one emits a beautiful soft beam, illuminating perfectly any feature you wish. Our range has been created to complement each of the examples above.

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