Reading Lights

Reading lights offer a focused light source for comfort and perfect visibility of tasks. A simple addition to any interior space, it provides a direct focused beam which is the perfect lighting for any task. Additionally, it has the ability to enhance interior spaces, due to its direct beam illuminating features. The fixture itself also complements all interiors. Reading lights are extremely popular in the hospitality industry due to the type of fitting providing a discreet, constant moment of lighting which illuminates solely for the individual user.

If reading lights are used within a bedroom lighting scheme, these can provide an excellent middle layer of lighting, in terms of lighting design.

Lighting of London offers two different types of reading lights for our partners the Seek and the Uno. Both of them are available in a range of different finishes, suitable for any design choice. Each one emits a beautiful soft beam, illuminating perfectly any feature you wish. The Uno and Seek have been specially selected for performance, ease of installation and most importantly each fitting has been designed beautifully.


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