Spotlights are an extremely versatile light fitting, and allow you to light up specific areas of a room or garden. They can be fixed at any point on a ceiling, wall, or floor, depending entirely on your vision. They provide a strong, powerful, and focused light source which illuminates a space perfectly.

A spotlight is a smart and flexible solution to any lighting problem due to its ability to be twisted at any given moment. This allows their beams to be easily directed onto the space or object that one wishes to illuminate, even if the space or interior design elements were to change as time goes on. Their ability to be either surface or recessed also only enhances their aesthetic value as either one lends an entirely different finish to a completed project.

Lighting of London provides our partners with a range of spotlights, for whatever project they have in mind. Our Follow.Me range offers three different spotlights, each with different finishes and beam angles available to ensure a harmonious integration into your surroundings. The Spot range is made up of three small but powerful spotlights, all completely adjustable and all have been finished in our unique space grey. This provides seamless integration with its surroundings, rendering them virtually invisible.


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