Our LED strips have a Color Rendering Index of 90 or higher and are made with pure gold wire for good conductivity, high brightness, fast heat dissipation, and a long lifespan. They are available in 2700K or 4000K, 5m or 10m lengths, and IP20 or IP66 ratings.

For optimal performance, keep the strip within 7 meters of a single power source and use our 3M adhesive, which has high bonding strength and maintains its effectiveness over time.

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Our 3-year warranty policy offers you and your client long-lasting satisfaction and peace of mind when choosing us for your lighting solutions.
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Dark Sky Policy

We're working towards the Dark Sky policy to ensure our exterior products are compliant with their guidelines to prevent light pollution and protect wildlife.
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Unrivalled Heat Sink

We’ve expertly engineered each product so not only does the heat sink increase the lifespan of the fitting, but it is also incorporated into the design of the product.


We are taking steps to ensure our products have a more sustainable focus. We prefer to repair rather than replace and we hold stock in the UK to minimise carbon emissions.
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Exceptional CRI

Embrace colour accuracy with high CRI lighting, All of our light fittings have a CRI of at least 90, providing the most accurate and visually appealing light possible.

Lumen Output

It’s important to consider the desired brightness level for the intended application. Each product has a carefully considered lumen output to provide a suitable lighting finish.

Driver Calculator

Use our driver calculator to assist with specifying what driver(s) you will require for your next project. Simply input the number of fittings you would like to use on a single circuit, and the calculator will recommend the best driver for you.

Please note, that if a custom ceramic colour is chosen, this overrides the standard finish initially chosen.

Linear.RGBW Product Specification

Input Voltage DC24v Constant Voltage
Power Per Meter 19.2w / 4.8w per channel
Lumen Watts 57lm
Lumen Per Meter 1100lm (4 Chips)
CRI >90
Cut Length 100mm
PCB Width 10mm
Beam Angle 120 degrees
IP Rating 20 / 66 Nano
Colour Temperature 2700K / 4000K
Version 60 LED’s per/m


Custom ceramic Coating .

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