Boudica, Battersea

Boudica, a high-end restaurant based in the thriving heart of Battersea, is a stunning statement restaurant that oozes chic and modern style. Their chosen interior designer created 3D renders of the look and feel of the restaurant, but they needed an expert to make it a reality. That’s where we came in. Lighting of London was hired to create a lighting design that would match the visuals and make it a reality. We worked closely with the onsite team to ensure that the lighting design was implemented successfully. The end result was a space that was transformed by the power of lighting.

How did we Transform Boudica?


One of the key challenges of this project was the linear LED details. We implemented these on the ceiling and walls, which required a high output, high CRI, and spotless LED strip.

Furthermore, achieving the right colour temperature was also essential, because the restaurant needed to exude an intimate ambience. We matched the colour temperature to 2700K, which gave the space the perfect warm glow.

We used the wall-mounted Follow Me Spotlights to highlight points of interest and create an inviting atmosphere. These spots were particularly pointed to target the foliage with precision highlighting. As a result, the spotlights added an extra layer of depth and interest to the overall space.

The whole system was run by the Rako lighting control system, which we detailed in the design package, for the purpose of ambience control. This system allowed for control over the entire restaurant on any device and the ability to create any mood and control any lighting zone through the Rako app. The result was a stunning lighting design that undeniably matched the restaurant’s chic and modern look.

The space was transformed into an intimate, welcoming, and stylish environment that perfectly complemented the delicious food and drinks on offer. Overall, at the end of the project, we delivered exceptional service and products to the client. We are particularly proud to have played a part in transforming Boudica into the thriving restaurant it is today.

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