Poplars Lodge, Horsmonden

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Horsmonden, Kent, is Poplars Lodge. This charming country cottage recently underwent a complete renovation. The renovation included a considerable extension and outdoor landscaping, which was designed to complement the natural surroundings. However, one of the primary focuses of the renovation was the lighting design, both inside and outside the cottage. The owners of the cottage worked with an interior designer and garden designer to create the perfect design for their home. As the lighting design was essential to the overall ambience of the home, subsequently they turned to a trusted partner to help achieve their vision. That’s where we came in.

A Lighting Overhaul

We were tasked with helping to design the lighting for both the interior and exterior of Poplars Lodge. As the renovation was extensive, we implemented most of our interior and exterior light offerings. 

To control the lighting, we used the Rako control system. This allowed for easy customisation and control of the lighting throughout the home. With this system, the owners could create the perfect ambience for any occasion. Whether it be a cosy evening in or a festive gathering with friends and family, the Rako app allowed total control.

The interior lighting was designed to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere in the cottage. Every detail was carefully considered to bring out the beauty of the home’s interior. We chose to use a 2700K CCT throughout the interior and exterior, as it exudes a warm and cosy ambience that is perfect for a welcoming family home.

For the exterior lighting, we were careful not to overpower the natural surroundings. We used subtle highlighting to create a warm and welcoming ambience that complemented the outdoor landscaping. The result was a stunning visual effect that enhanced the beauty of the home’s surroundings.

In conclusion, the lighting design was a vital aspect of the renovation of this idyllic country cottage. By using our extensive product range and expertise, we were able to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that complemented the interior and garden design. The result was a stunning and cosy home that the owners can be proud of.

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