Private Residence, East Dulwich

Luxurious homes are not just about the architecture and the interior design. Lighting is a key component that can transform the space and elevate the overall ambience. In a recent project in South London, a grand design scheme was featured throughout this private residence. Unfortunately, in comparison, the lighting scheme was inadequate for the luxury interior. That’s when our team was tasked to create a retrofit design that could be implemented to enhance the interior and create points of interest.

Carrying out the Lighting Scheme

The goal was to inject some atmosphere into the rooms and also bring out all the design features. In order to achieve this, we used a combination of Aim.70, Pro.60, Pro.40, Hide, Seek, and Linear LED lighting products. These products were carefully selected to draw out key features and create an intimate ambience.

One of the challenges we faced was replacing the oversized, underpowered downlights that the private residence already had. We opted for our Aim.70 and Pro.60, which have a smaller footprint, higher output, and higher CRI. These products were great for the representation of artwork and concurrently helped to highlight the intricate details of the interior design. To add a touch of elegance, we used Linear LED to internally light wardrobe spacing and padding under counter kitchen details. The Rako controlled lighting system allowed for easy customisation of the lighting levels, with the intention of creating a truly unique experience for the homeowners.

The end result was stunning. The new lighting scheme transformed the space into a luxurious and welcoming environment. The intricate details of the interior design were brought to life, and subsequently overall ambience was elevated to a new level. It was therefore no surprise that the house price increased by £50,000.


At Lighting of London, we believe that lighting is crucial in creating a luxurious environment. Our products are designed to enhance the space and bring out the best in every design feature. Whether it’s a grand design or a small apartment, we have the perfect lighting solution to elevate your space and create a truly unique and luxurious experience.

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