Driver Box Recessed

The driver box allows for the option of the driver to be located and hidden within the profile itself. Alternatively the driver can be located upto 10 meters away from the Magtrak.

  • Driver box.R comes with a 150w TRIAC/0-10v driver built-in.
  • Driver box.R.DALI comes with a 150w DALI driver built-in.
  • Driver Box.RE contains no driver and therefore is an empty unit. No driver can be retro fitted inside, this is for decorative purposes only.

Any Driver Box can be placed anywhere along a track.

Do you require a Coupler or Power Plate ?

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Driver Box Dimensions : L450mm x W27.5mm x H58mm

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Driver Option

150w TRAIC/0-10v, DALI Driver, No Driver