Our LED strip is ahead of its class. The output and colour rending remain unaffected by time, and the highlighting effect does not decay.

We recommend a maximum distance of 7 metres from a single end power source, otherwise the reduction in output will become noticeable due to voltage drop.

It’s worth noting that unless the LED tape is a low power / low output version, or a constant current type, all LED strips will perform this way regardless of other manufacturer claims.

Pure gold wire, good conductivity, high brightness, fast heat dissipation and long life are assured. Unlike other manufacturers of LED strips, we don’t use aluminium wire or copper wire due to their poor conductivity, slow heat dissipation and short life.

All our LED strip lights have a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) reading in excess of 90, considered “High CRI” by industry standards, and incorporate large copper solder points for ease of installation.

We use 3M adhesive, imported from the United States, which has a high bonding strength. Many LED strips use inferior glue and hence possess poor viscosity, meaning that after a short period of time the strip begins to unstick.

Our strips come in 2700K or 4000K, 5m or 10m in length and IP20 or IP66 rating.

The IP66 version incorporates nano technology which covers the strip in a more durable, heat resistant and anti-carbonation covering.

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Product Data Sheet

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Linear.350 Product Specification

Input Voltage DC24v Constant Voltage
Power Per Meter 13w
Lumen Watts 102lm
Lumen Per Meter 2700K – 1150lm / 4000K – 1300lm
CRI >90
Cut Length 20mm
PCB Width 8mm
Beam Angle 120 degrees
IP Rating 20 / 66 Nano
Colour Temperature 2700K / 4000K
Version 350 LED’s per/m

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Colour Temperature

2700K, 4000K


5 Meters, 10 Meters

IP Rating

IP20, IP66 Nano Technology