Pine Cottage, Orpington

Luxury homes are always impressive, but the beauty of a home is not limited to its interior. The exterior of a home can offer just as much if not more visual appeal, especially when the gardens are well-lit and beautifully designed. This was the case for a luxurious home in Orpington, Pine Cottage, where the lighting throughout the house was beautiful, but the garden did not reflect this. That’s where we came in.

Transforming Pine Cottage

Our team was hired to completely transform the exterior space into a beautiful haven of oasis. We were tasked with designing a complete lighting scheme that would enhance the garden’s beauty. With this in mind, our goal was to provide a sense of drama and atmosphere while bringing the inside out. We intended to create symmetry between the exterior and interior of the house.

To achieve this, we used our Moon, Spot.Z, and Spot.S lighting products. The Moon product provided soft, low-level lighting for the flowerbeds. The Spot.Z product was placed at the base of trees, which therefore provided precision highlighting. The Spot.S product was used for smaller and decorative plant pots. We also installed a Rako control system that allowed users to control the lighting scheme through the Rako app based on their preferences.

Our team worked diligently to implement the lighting scheme, and the end results were stunning. Our products completely transformed the garden into a beautiful oasis of light and shadow, where key features were highlighted. The garden now provides a sense of drama and atmosphere that seamlessly integrates with the luxurious interior of the home.


Our clients were overjoyed with the end results and were amazed at how our products completely transformed the outdoor space. In the end, our team was proud to be part of a project that showcased the beauty of a home both inside and out.

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