Weston Park, Shropshire

Weston Park is a majestic stately home in the heart of idyllic Shropshire. The property has been in situ since the 17th century and is a significant landmark of the area. However, the property had some existing lighting that was old and failing. This did not do justice to the beauty of the building.

The lighting overhaul was necessary due to the old fixtures being outdated, failing, and broken. The primary objective was to install a floodlight around the property for security purposes. The initial plan was to replace the old fixtures with new ones that were similar in design, but functional for the next five years. 

How did we Transform Weston Park?

We designed a new lighting scheme, which was not only cost-effective but subsequently provided security lighting. Our team got involved in the project and designed a whole new scheme for Weston Park. This design was still cost-effective but more intellectual in approach. However, the new scheme was designed to be more than just functional. It was intended to transform the building into a wonder, enhancing key aesthetic features, especially at night.

All the products used for the new scheme were from the exterior range, including Tilt.M, Spot.M, Tilt.L, Spot.Z, Moon, and Spot.S. Each product was carefully selected and used for different purposes. For instance, the Tilt.M’s targeted the columns for the porte-cochère. The Spot.S’s were used to highlight the window bays in the orangery. The Spot.M’s were used for the bays under the porte-cochère, while the Tilt.L’s were used for the main elevations of the building. The Spot.Z’s were used for the Italian garden to pinpoint the fountain, and the Moon was used at the guest entrance for the Victorian wing.


To control the lighting scheme, our team collaborated with Rako, a leading manufacturer of lighting control systems. The new lighting scheme was controlled via a Rako control system, which allowed for finer control over the output of the lights, providing different ambience depending on the setting. As Weston Park is used for weddings and events, this was a smart choice. The new lighting scheme not only provides excellent lighting for security purposes, but also enhances the beauty of the building, transforming it into a wonder, especially at night.

In conclusion, Weston Park is a stunning stately home that has been transformed into a wonder, thanks to our lighting scheme in collaboration with Rako. The new scheme not only provides excellent lighting for security purposes but also enhances the beauty of the building, transforming it into a must-see landmark in the area.

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