Follow Me.P

This is a recessed plaster-in ceiling luminaire, removable at different heights and directional within every imaginable possibility despite its minimal size.

An adjustment system with elastic flanges on a toothed guide permits concealing the spotlights, thus becoming totally integrated into the environment.

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Product Data Sheet

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Follow.Me.P Product Specification

Material Aluminium
Lumen Output 403Lm
LED 8W DC500mA (driver supplied)
Lifespan >50,000 hrs
CRI >90
Power Factor >0.50
Size Ø30 x 65mm
Cutout Ø55mm
Fire & Acoustic Rated N/A
IP Rating 20
Working Temperature -20°C – +40°C
Binning 1 SDCM
Finish White Powder Coat

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